17th Annual System of Systems Engineering Conference

June 7th – 11th 2022

Venue: RIT Inn and Conference Center

Rochester, NY, USA

Conference Theme: A.I and Machine learning in Systems of Systems


In-person presentation:

The authors who are going to attend the conference in person will be given 15 mins to present their works including Q&A sections.

Online presentation:

The authors who cannot attend the conference in person will be required to record a 15-minute-long video of their presentation. This version of the recording needs to be uploaded to the page that is posted on http://sosengineering.org/2022/videos. In addition, the author will present the work in a short format that is limited to 5 mins over a zoom session. Once everyone in the session presents their work, there will be a 15-minute-long discussion for Q&A at the end of the session. Each zoom session will have 5-6 paper presentations. The papers which are not presented at the zoom session will not be published in SoSE 2022 proceeding.

Presentation Video Uploading Instructions:

– The video length should be between 10-15 mins. Please do not upload that are longer than 15 mins.

– The video size is limited to 700 Mb. 

– Please ensure the video and audio are of high quality. 

– When recording the video make sure the background sound is minimal.

– The video format should be AVI, MP4, MPEG4, or MOV.

– Use the link below to upload your video.